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By choosing the right Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan you will have:

Medicare Supplement Costs

Lowest Rates Guarantee

The insurance industry in the United States offers 10 Federally-standardized Medicare Supplement Insurance (MediGap) plans differentiated from one another by letters of the alphabet.

Companies underwriting Medigap Insurance are allowed to set their own pricing but are required by law to offer the same, exact coverage for each type of plan contingent upon a very specific set variables including age, gender, location (by Zip Code), certain health factors, etc.

We continually monitor and update our pricing data from a total of 61 Top Rated* insurance companies in an effort to find the best Medicare Supplement Insurance rates for our clients. We have well trained staff dedicated to assuring the accuracy of this data and pride ourselves on the internal processes that we have in place to maintain the Rate Quote engines that appear on our websites.

We guarantee that you will NOT find the same Medicare Supplement Insurance plans on the internet or through your local agent for less unless, for some reason, the carrier or the enrollment center in question (including MediGap360) has made a data entry error.

In the event of such a discrepancy, and after verification with the carrier in question, we will match any Medicare Supplement Insurance premium offered by a competitor on an identical policy from same carrier. To qualify, you must provide a copy of the quote you have received so that we can verify its accuracy.

The policy MUST be identical in all ways, i.e. same company, same plan, same waiting period and benefit period, same policy options, identical features and benefits etc.

Our service is Free to you. Including access to our fully licensed team of Medicare Supplement Insurance experts and complementary value added programs. We do this because we want MediGap360 to be your first choice when it comes to Medicare Supplement Insurance.

* Rated between B and A++ by A.M. Best Co.

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