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Compare Medicare Supplement Plans and Rates in Your Area

By choosing the right Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan you will have:

Medicare Supplement Costs

Medigap Plans at the Lowest Rates!

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Comparison from Top Medigap Insurance Companies

Hundreds of Thousands of people on Medicare are finding that with the right Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan from Medigap360 that you will be able to:

  • Be 100% Covered by Medicare and Your New Medigap Plan
  • Forget about "Networks" and Choose any Doctor, Hospital or Treatment Center you like.
  • Always receive the care that YOUR DOCTOR (not your insurance company) feels you should have

Not only is this peace of mind worth having, but it could possibly save your life.

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One of America's Largest Medicare Supplement Brokers: MediGap360

The 28 year history of Medigap360 began when co-founder, Frank Todd started selling Medicare Supplement Insurance by himself in 1984. Today what began as a small one man agency has grown to be recognized by Inc. Magazine as the 7th fastest growing insurance brokerage in the United States -- ranked at #291 on the Inc. 500.

Like hundreds of thousands of people that we have helped since 1984, you have probably found that trying to make the decision on the right Medicare Supplement Plan can be stressful to say the least. Moreover, trying to find a Medicare Supplement Provider to work with when comparing Medigap rates can be difficult as well.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. Finding a Medicare Supplement Broker that you can trust is simple when you consider that.

  • We are one of the largest and most trusted Medicare Supplement Broker in the country.
  • We have access to most top rated Medicare Supplement Companies.
  • We have over 50 years combined experience in Medigap Plans and regulations.
  • We are not tied to any insurance company, instead we work for you.
  • Our state of the art technology puts you in control.
  • Our Medicare Supplement Broker Agents are rigorously screened and thoroughly trained to help you from an unbiased, compassionate perspective.
  • Our Lowest Rates Guarantee ensures you will have access to a wide range of carriers and that you will NOT find the same Medicare Supplement Insurance plan for less - on the Internet or through your local agent.
  • Our services are completely free.

A Medigap Insurance Plan Purchased through Medigap 360 will give you peace of mind of up to 100% coverage at the lowest Medicare Supplement rates available.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans: Why shop with Medigap 360?

If you are on Medicare, you are probably facing tough decisions on choosing the right Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan and probably being misled by Medicare Advantage salespeople.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies are all required to offer the same coverage options. Therefore it is more important than ever to shop Medicare Supplement Rates from top companies through a partner you can trust.

Medigap360 is one of the nation's largest and most popular place to find Medicare Supplement Insurance Rate Comparisons from top companies such as Gerber, Mutual of Omaha, AARP Medicare Supplement, Sentinel, Forethought, Family Life Insurance and many others. We are a one stop shop and have helped hundreds of thousands of America's Medicare recipients to make important healthcare decisions through Medicare Supplement Plans.

Why Medigap 360 is different is that WE WORK FOR YOU, not just one Medicare Supplement Insurance Company. We shop all Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies that offer Medigap Insurance and find the those that are reputable and will be able to live up to their promises for many years to come. (Basically we weed out all the small Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies and the fly-by-night companies.)

Once we've found the top Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies that meet our rigorous requirements, we use our proprietary and state of the art technology to make Medicare Supplement Insurance Rate Comparisons. We compare these Medigap rates and plans with you on the telephone, and are always just a phone call away. We do not come to your home... we respect your privacy. By shopping around for you, we find the very best value for your particular situation based on your specific needs, not what insurance companies hope to sell you.

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But that's not all we do for you. Have you ever tried to take out an insurance plan like a Medigap Plans or a Medicare Supplemental Insurance? Many who do are denied coverage or gotten restrictions on their policy that they didn't see coming only after they had paid the initial premium. There can be great hassles involved in getting a refund or finding other suitable Medigap Insurance or other coverage.

At Medigap 360, we won't let this happen to you.

The Medicare Supplement Brokers at Medigap 360 are also Medigap "field underwriters." So we will not only assist you in finding the best for Medicare Supplement Insurance rates, but we will make sure that you will qualify for the coverage before we ask you to apply. By answering a few quick questions about your health, you can be instantly qualified for Medigap Insurance Plans that will accept you the first time, without hassles or worry of losing coverage.

We won't recommend a plan for you unless we know that you qualify to be approved by the insurance company. Furthermore, our Lowest Rate Guarantee ensures that you never pay a penny for our services and are always paying the lowest available price on the recommended plan you qualify to receive.

Then, for your convenience, we have made arrangements with all of our Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies to be able to let you enroll in their plans right over the phone in a manner of minutes. You get the lowest Medigap Rates available, coverage for life and, if you choose Medicare Supplement Plan F, you will never pay a penny again for Medicare covered treatments.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are also known as "Medigap Plans"

Medigap is the official name given to health insurance plans commonly known as Medicare Supplement Insurance. These Medigap Insurance Plans supplement the gaps in Medicare coverage left by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and are made to fit with Medicare like a key fits into a lock.

Medigap Insurance Plans are not an alternative to traditional Medicare like Medicare Advantage Plans, but instead work with traditional Medicare. Also, Medigap Insurance Plans differ from Medicare Advantage Plans as they have no deductibles, no co-pays and no network restrictions as to where you can receive medical treatment.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

If you choose the right Medicare Supplement Plan (like Medicare Supplement Plan F) you will never have to pay a single dollar when you receive treatment in a physician's office, hospital or specialty treatment center that accepts Medicare.

So this means that when you choose Medicare Supplement Plan F, whether your doctor or hospital bills are $1 or $1,000,000, you will never have to pay anything for doctor or hospital bills as long as Medicare approves a penny of the charges.

With Medicare Supplement Plan F there are:

  • No Deductibles to pay
  • No Co-Payments
  • No Referrals Necessary. Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies have no Bureaucracy to deal with for you or your physician.
  • No Claims Paperwork or Hassles
  • No remaining bills to pay if you choose Medigap Plan F

Unlike Medicare Advantage Plans, YOUR DOCTOR DECIDES YOUR TREATMENT... not Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies.

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Medigap Insurance Plans: How they work

When you need treatment at a doctor, hospital or specialty treatment center, you only have to show your Medigap Insurance (Medicare Supplement) card to the doctor, hospital or treatment center. Then everything will, almost magically, be taken care of for you.

The fact is that, once your claim is filed with Medicare for Medicare Part B charges, Medicare will in most cases send your claim directly to your Medicare Supplement Insurance Company without you or your provider having to do anything. Then your Medigap Insurance Company will process the claim, often without it ever touching human hands.

For Medicare Part A claims, the hospital where you receive treatment is required to file with Medicare Supplement Plans for you. Therefore, you will never have to worry about claims hassles or paperwork.

You only need to Compare Medicare Supplements and find the one that is right for you and all is taken care of for you. And once again, if you choose the Medigap Plan F from Medigap 360, you will never have a remaining bill to pay.

We at Medigap 360 believe that healthcare professionals should be able decide what the absolute best treatment is for you while Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies make sure that you aren't burdened with the costs of healthcare treatment. Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies will stay out of your and your physician's way when you need treatment.

Also, when you take out a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan like a Medicare Supplemental Plan F from Medigap 360 it is YOURS FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Unlike Medicare Advantage Plans, as long as you continue to pay the premiums, the Medigap Insurance Company can never take that coverage away from you... EVER!

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Medicare Supplement Quote
from Multiple Insurance Companies

Medicare Supplement Quotes from top rated Medigap Insurance Companies are available from one of America's largest and most trusted Medicare Supplement Brokers, Medigap 360. Online or over the phone with a highly trained specialist, you can compare Medigap rates from top rated Medigap Insurance Companies. These multiple company Medicare Supplement Quotes will give you the costs from multiple providers, ensuring you never pay a penny more than necessary for comprehensive coverage.

But finding the best rate is just one part of the story. The highly trained specialists at Medigap 360 want you to be informed about the decisions that you must make and have peace of mind when making healthcare decisions. So you no longer have to send off for confusing information from multiple Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies. In a simple conversation with an experienced professional Medicare Supplement broker, you will learn everything you need to know to empower you to make informed healthcare decisions.

Medicare Supplement Quotes from Multiple Top Rated Companies is just the first thing we do for you.

Medigap Insurance Costs

Medigap Insurance Costs differ between Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies for the same coverage. This is why it is important to work with a Medicare Supplement Broker who will help you find the best Medigap rates and plans. We at Medigap 360 not only help keep your Medigap Insurance costs as low as possible, but also help you find complete coverage without network restrictions.

You can go to any provider in the country that accepts Medicare, which is just about everyone. We at Medigap 360 only work with people who are on Medicare and don't want some insurance company making important healthcare decisions for them.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies never tell their customers which doctors or hospitals that they can go to in order to receive treatment.

That is why we don't believe Medicare Advantage Plans are a good option for people on Medicare as they restrict you to certain providers. We wish for you and your physician to have complete autonomy in choosing the best treatments possible for you. To receive this, you need to only have a Medicare Supplement Plan that will pay for treatments, wherever you happen to go for care.

Whichever treatment center, physician or hospital gives you the best chance of recovery and wellness, your Medigap Plan will pay the costs involved in your treatment... and if you get Medicare Supplement Plan F, you will receive 100% coverage. Also, with Medicare Supplements, you will be completely free to receive treatment wherever you want anywhere in the United States that accepts Medicare.

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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, Rates and Costs

Medicare Supplemental Insurance costs less than you might expect. This is because Medicare Supplemental Insurance Rates are regulated by the states and there are minimum claims loss requirements to keep insurance companies from gouging consumers. So you can be confident that all Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies have integrity in their pricing.

However, it is still wise to get Medicare Supplemental Rate Quotes from Multiple Companies online or by calling (888) 875-4463 to find Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans at the lowest available rates. For instance, you can find Medigap Plan F for completely different prices from Humana, Forethought, Sentinel Security, AARP, Mutual of Omaha or any other Medigap Insurance Company. Depending on your area and health conditions, the Medicare Supplement Brokers at Medigap 360 can find you the absolute best plan for you.

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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies offering plans at the lowest rates?

Do you know that dozens of Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies offer Medicare Supplements in the United States? Yet most people on Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B can only name a couple of them like AARP and Mutual of Omaha. This is because only a few spend large amounts of money on advertisements to get name recognition, even though they may be no better for you than other Medicare Supplement Companies. Also Medicare Supplements are often advertised by companies going to the expense of sending you a pile of information about themselves in the mail, and most people on Medicare find this information more confusing and overwhelming than helpful.

Most reputable Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies don't go to such expense. They simply rely on a Medicare Supplement Broker like Medigap 360 to educate and counsel the public while focusing on the operations of underwriting policies and paying claims. This is why the best option for you will probably be a reputable Medigap Insurance company that you have never heard of.

There are many Medicare Supplements being offered by dozens of Medicare Supplement Insurance companies. These Medigap Plans are always offered at different rates for the same person from company to company. So you probably realize that shopping around will help you find a company that is offering Medicare Supplements at lower rates than you are currently paying or considering.

Most people find that, by letting America's largest Medicare Supplement Broker (Medigap 360) help them shop, they will not only save money on their Medigap Insurance Plan, but will have the peace of mind of knowing they can go anywhere in the country and, if they get the recommended Medigap Plan F, receive 100% coverage.

And since Medicare Supplement Insurance is standardized between Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies, you can get the exact same or even better coverage than you already have or are considering for lower Medigap rates.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan Comparison Online
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Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies

If you don't have time to shop dozens of Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies, Medicare Supplement Quotes from multiple companies are available by clicking the link above or calling us today.

There is no reason to deal with the loads of information that Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies send you (that confuses you more than it helps) or with pushy salespeople cold calling you or coming to your home just to try to push you into what their Medigap insurance company is paying them to sell (not what's best for you and your family.) And you no longer have to.

With one simple phone call to Medigap 360 you will talk to a licensed Medicare Supplement Broker. This highly trained specialist will ensure that you are not only saving money, but paying the lowest possible Medigap Insurance rates. With our low price guarantee, you can be assured that you will receive the most comprehensive service at the lowest price available -- and you never pay a penny for our services.

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Medigap Insurance Plans: Pre-Existing Conditions

Even if you have pre-existing conditions, we can get you covered and save you money over what you are currently paying.

Here's the truth: If you currently have a Medicare Supplement Plan and have had it for at least 6 months or if you're new to Medicare and have had creditable coverage for at least 6 months, then all pre-existing conditions will be immediately covered by your new Medigap Insurance Plan that you will receive at Lower Medicare Supplement Rates.

If you have not had Medigap Insurance or creditable coverage other than Medicare Supplements for the past 6 months and you have pre-existing conditions, then you are fortunate to be working with Medigap 360, one of America's leading Medicare Supplement Brokers. With one quick call to a Licensed Medicare Supplement Specialists at Medigap 360, you will know your options within minutes.

In many instances, we can get your pre-existing conditions covered. In other situations, you will only have a short waiting period. What is for sure is that you will be advised of the absolute best course of action and we will help you get the treatment you need at the lowest possible costs.

Plus, you will find the recommendations given by Medigap 360 and options for Medicare Supplement Costs will be comprehensive and all things will be considered. That's why we are here.

Call us right now for Medicare Supplement Quotes to find the lowest possible Medigap Rates and for world class advice, counseling and advocacy.

* We are one of the Largest and the Fastest Growing Insurance Agencies in the United States, as determined by Inc. Magazine.

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Choose Your State
Actual Savings
Judy C. in Dallas, TX.
Plan F
Monthly Before Savings $225.77
Monthly After Savings $139.66
Savings Per Month $  86.11
Savings Per Year $1033.32

"I would like to tell you about one of your employees, Linda, she worked with me to get a supplemental plan. She is an amazing person; always was so personable, and friendly, and always, always got what I asked of her and then some.. She acted like a friend, like not like someone on the other end of the phone that I either couldn't understand, or who didnt give a d@#$ like my previous ins carriers.. Genworth, AARP supplemtal plans, she is amazing, I say it again and again. I can't put it in words what an amazing worker she is.. but, I will recommend her to anyone I know looking for insurance.."
- Virginia D.


"I just have to tell you, I am so impressed with the service level in your organization with both Becky and Bill. Rest assured anyone in VA that is on medicare will get your number."
- David S.


" Stan, I just wanted to thank you for your patience and help in making an important decision. I have been asking questions and not getting any answers from many different providers. This is my first experience with Medicare and all the different plans offered. My desk is loaded with too much confusing and contradicting information that I now can put in the recycle bin. Again, I thank you for your expertise and am looking forward to working with you in the future. "
- Marie C.


"Times have changed since my mother had an AARP J plan and I was totally confused by the options available. Stan walked me through the process in a very educational, methodical, friendly way, and I feel secure now that we're making the correct decision to provide the best possible coverage for my husband."
- Pat K.


"You explained Part A and B in a way I understood and answered my questions. In wish I had talked to you months ago. I could have saved myself a lot of worry and frustration. I certainly will recommend you to anyone I know who may be looking for a Medigap policy."
- Judy J.


"I have been working with Brian and Kirk trying to find a medicare supplement and a part D plan. These two guys have done an exceptional job of helping me find the right plans. Thanks."
- Jeff T.


"Thank you for taking the time to go over the Medigap and Medicare Supplement Insurance. You made it much easier for me to understand, and I appreciate that. Often people talk right over our heads, and at such a rapid pace, it make it difficult to follow, but you helped clarify any confusion I may have had."
- Susan S.


"Thank you so much for your help. You have made my transistion to retirement much easier. I will certainly recommend you all when asked."
- Jeanne R.


"I find that most of the time, people contact management only when they are dissatisfied. I've made it a personal goal to also make contact when I am very satisfied. So is the case with the positive experience I had with Linda in selecting a Medigap policy for the first time. I had read internet information for days, and the choices still were not clear to me. One of the sites mentioned the services for Medigap 360 Advisors so I tried it. From my experience, here are the points I found most valuable.

Linda was polite (that's important here in the South, you know), was friendly but tending to business at the same time, knowledgeable about the provider services, took total interest in what
I needed, was quick to answer all questions I had, explained the pros and cons about each of the (2) policies in which I was interested, helped me understand how I could save money in the choice I made, promptly called back when she said she would.

Linda provided awesome representation for Medigap 360, and I though you would want to know."
- Martha C.


"Completed the enrollment for Humana. Thank you for your help. Was pretty confused until I received help from Medigap 360."
- Ellen L.


"I have had very good luck with using a Medicare Supplement insurance suggested by Medigap 360. Since I am on an external insulin pump, my insulin, supplies, and testing supplies are now covered by Medicare and the supplement insurance with no cost to me."
- Carol J.


"I had the pleasure of speaking to Greg today regarding an increase in my medical supplement insurance. Greg was extremely helpful and immediately remedied my problem to my satisfaction. I just wanted to let you know what an asset Greg is to your establishment and I hope to continue all my business through such a courteous young man."
- Kathleen A.


"Thank you for being so patient and thorough with me. Also, when you see Pam Boeve would you please pass my gratitude to her as well. Both of you ladies have been a great help to me and then to advise that I can call you at anytime, WOW! What great customer support you both have been."
- Catherine R.


"I was pleasantly surprised by the service I received at"
- Gayle H.


"No fuss, no muss and got off the phone without that nagging feeling that I had just been taken advantage of. I'll be back year during open enrollment."
- Vicky J.


"I was dreading having to deal with another Medicare supplement insurance salesman, but the people at could not be nicer. They were genuine and extremely helpful."
- Melanie C.


"My experience with regular Medicare was such a mess, I really dreaded having to deal with all the supplemental plans. But your five step enrollment process was a breeze. Much appreciated."
- Adrian C.


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